The two faces of the question "What if?"


Hey everyone, I've got this question on my mind this week "What if?"
It's a simple question right? "What if?"
But it’s not as simple as you think at first. Here’s why…
What's interesting about it is that it has two faces to it…one's ugly and the other is exhilarating
Too often I am asking the question from a starting point of fear and it sounds something like this…
· What if I say what I REALLY want to, what will people think?
· What if I start that business and it doesn't work out?
· What if I DON'T do that, what will happen?
· What if my kids don’t turn out like I hope?
Does this sound familiar? It does to me!
In fact, too often, I find myself asking the question "What if" -- out of fear.
And a lot of it is subconscious and by that I mean I don't even realize I'm doing it. I shut down my own dreams, I kill my best ideas. I am often my worst enemy for it.
But the question "What If?" has another side and it is one based on dreams! It is exciting! It's hopeful!
It sounds something like this…
· “What if I did what I want to do rather than what someone else expects me to do?”
· “What if I spent 1 hour each day making my dreams a reality?”
· "What if I take off work early and we take the kids hiking?
· "Hey, what if we go out of town for the weekend?"
· "What if we surprise your parents today and drop by their house for a visit?"
See the difference? Can you feel the difference?
It’s the same question…but one comes from fear and leads to feeling squashed and hesitant. The other comes from dreams, provides hope and if you act on it leads to some exciting things.
I want to spend some time asking "What if? But from the dreamy side, the exciting side?
So the question I’ll leave you with is “What if you spent more time dreaming and working on your dreams and less time worrying about the risks or the costs?”
Imagine…“What if you achieved your dreams?”

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