How to fit your goals on a t-shirt

goals growth May 22, 2020

Hey everyone, you probably have a ton of things on your plate right now.

But I want to talk for a second about the big things on your list .

Big things are more complex, take more time or are more important than the other things on the list.

Big things are also those actions that will bring the most return on investment of your time and attention.

Because in life, your time and attention are finite not infinite they can either be spent on what's known as
1) the critical few or
the 2) trivial many.

In other words, there are typically only a very few things that are TRULY the most important things in your life. Think of this like the classic "God, family, country."

Then there are the trivial many. These are like the steady drip (or flood) of continuous activities in your day.

These are not unimportant but they can be overwhelming if not kept in check of whatever is TRULY most important.

So, here's a question worth answering…"How can I get the biggest return on my time and attention?"

The secret to answering this question is to FIRST ask yourself WHERE, then WHY and by WHEN? That's where, then why and by when?

Let me explain…

To get the big stuff done in life, to achieve your dreams, to accomplish your goals, you need to head someplace different than where you are now.

You need a journey. And journey's don't start with the question HOW, they start with the question WHERE? Where do I want or need to go?

In fact, arguably the biggest obstacle to getting where you want to go in life, is focusing too much or too early on HOW you will get there.

HOW can be such a show-stopper. It's a big bummer, it is stifling. Why is that? Because on the BIG things, you seldom have all the answers to HOW and you almost never have them in advance.

Humor me for a second. Right now, pick one of your biggest aspirations in life.

Got it in your mind?

Achieving that goal is your destination. You are at Point A now, and that aspiration in your mind is your Point B.

If you achieved that today, you arrived…what would your life look like? How would you feel? What would be different?

Write down a simple sentence, one that will fit on a T-shirt that answers this question,

"Where do I want to go?

Why is it important that I go there?

And When do I want to arrive at my destination?"

The sequence is as important as ther questions…that's WHERE, WHY and by WHEN.

Do NOT put the "HOW" on your T-shirt because that comes later.

The secret to achieving your dreams is to better define and commit to your destination and your purpose and set timelines for yourself.

The rest…as they say is just details.

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