There is no new normal


Hey everyone, we've been hearing this phrase "the New Normal" lately, right?   Well, for several weeks something's been bothering me about that phrase and I am finally putting words to what it is.

Although I understand the point of the term, I don't really think there is such a thing as a "New Normal"…   …instead there is just "Normal", but we humans just hate change.

Now I'm not one to gripe about a term and I really don't care if people use it. But think with me for a second… since the creation of the Earth and all humanity, things have been in constant change. Look at nature and how violent it is.

My own community is recovering from an EF3 tornado that hit here on Easter 2020. When you see the landscape, you see dramatic change. It is not recognizable as what it has looked like my whole life.   What about Corona virus? A quick internet search reveals dozens of pandemics over hundreds of years.

Look at humanity and the rate of change we see in culture. Consider, like Thomas Friedman talks about in his book, The World is Flat, how humans are more connected to one another than ever before. Consider the rate of change of technology and the devices and software you used last year are obsolete (or soon will be).

So, what I’m really suggesting here is that there is no such thing as a "New Normal", there is just "Normal". Change is the only constant. The most predictable thing about our circumstances is that they are about to CHANGE.

I leave you with three short thoughts from one of my mentors:

  1. Change is inevitable
  2. Change is always resisted (humans don’t generally like change) If you accept these as truth, the real question worth focusing on is this…
  3. How can you help BE the change the world needs? What do the people around you need right now? What encouragement? What hope? What support? OR What changes in your own life have you been resisting but really need to make

Are you with me?

Let’s see how we can use the changes around us to help us grow and make a difference.

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