What to do with regrets


Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda….
We've all heard the phrase, and likely all have said it at some point.

Basically, these are your regrets in life, the things you wish you had done and If only____fill in the blank___I would have….or could have…even Should have done it.
It's understandable though. The reason we have regrets is that we don't live in a perfect world.

At the very least, our Woulds, Coulds and Shoulds is a list of missed opportunities and not necessarily a mistake (unless you count not doing them as a mistake but whatever.
There are so many opportunities that I have missed out on because of my own fear, insecurity, stubbornness. Ha! My stubbornness for sure has cost me. Don't ask my parents about that.
There are two things we can do to work through these regrets and prevent more in the future.
1) Leave the past in the past. Dragging your past to the present day only kills your effectiveness because it keeps you focused on past mistakes.

What’s better than this? Come to terms with your past. Don’t ignore it or wish it away but instead learn from it and build from it.

2) Second thing you can do to work through your regrets…Set your mind on creating some “Dids” What are Dids?

Dids are those opportunities you didn’t pass on, the things you tried because you knew you wouldn’t regret it. Look at your past regrets.

Are there one or two you can turn into “Did’s” today? Work on those.

Warning: Don’t make a list of 1,000 and prioritize it. Pick a couple, don’t prioritize.
Ok, but what about Today? What can you do Right NOW?
#1 – what are you afraid of right now? What are you stressed about? What are you putting off doing but you KNOW you will regret it if you don’t do it?

Again pick 1 or 2 current things. The good news is, it’s not too late!
I'd love to hear from you as you accomplish some new Dids.

Be sure to drop me a comment.

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