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3 Ways to use Your Why to Help You


 The road ends in water. That's the sign I saw on a recent motorcycle trip.


So I'm cruising around enjoying the fall colors near a lake, when I saw this sign, and immediately I laughed in my helmet. First of all, I don't remember ever seeing a road sign like this road ends in water. But there was still something about it. that struck me as funny.

I snapped a picture of it. I thought about it a while. As I turned around, after all, I was there on a motorcycle, at the lake, not a boat. And as I continued my ride, I kept thinking about it and realize why the sign struck me is funny.

The reason was why I was there in the first place. I was there ride my motorcycle, not to get in the water. So I'll explain more in a minute.


What do I mean by "Why?"

 Why can be used in two ways. One is to talk about past events. We use why to look at causality. What happened that resulted in this…whatever this is. What were you thinking when you did that? But that's not the...

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What to do with regrets


Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda….
We've all heard the phrase, and likely all have said it at some point.

Basically, these are your regrets in life, the things you wish you had done and If only____fill in the blank___I would have….or could have…even Should have done it.
It's understandable though. The reason we have regrets is that we don't live in a perfect world.

At the very least, our Woulds, Coulds and Shoulds is a list of missed opportunities and not necessarily a mistake (unless you count not doing them as a mistake but whatever.
There are so many opportunities that I have missed out on because of my own fear, insecurity, stubbornness. Ha! My stubbornness for sure has cost me. Don't ask my parents about that.
There are two things we can do to work through these regrets and prevent more in the future.
1) Leave the past in the past. Dragging your past to the present day only kills your effectiveness because it keeps you focused on past mistakes.


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The two faces of the question "What if?"


Hey everyone, I've got this question on my mind this week "What if?"
It's a simple question right? "What if?"
But it’s not as simple as you think at first. Here’s why…
What's interesting about it is that it has two faces to it…one's ugly and the other is exhilarating
Too often I am asking the question from a starting point of fear and it sounds something like this…
· What if I say what I REALLY want to, what will people think?
· What if I start that business and it doesn't work out?
· What if I DON'T do that, what will happen?
· What if my kids don’t turn out like I hope?
Does this sound familiar? It does to me!
In fact, too often, I find myself asking the question "What if" -- out of fear.
And a lot of it is subconscious and by that I mean I don't even realize I'm doing it. I shut down my own dreams, I kill my best ideas. I am often my worst enemy for it.
But the question "What If?" has another...

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There is no new normal


Hey everyone, we've been hearing this phrase "the New Normal" lately, right?   Well, for several weeks something's been bothering me about that phrase and I am finally putting words to what it is.

Although I understand the point of the term, I don't really think there is such a thing as a "New Normal"…   …instead there is just "Normal", but we humans just hate change.

Now I'm not one to gripe about a term and I really don't care if people use it. But think with me for a second… since the creation of the Earth and all humanity, things have been in constant change. Look at nature and how violent it is.

My own community is recovering from an EF3 tornado that hit here on Easter 2020. When you see the landscape, you see dramatic change. It is not recognizable as what it has looked like my whole life.   What about Corona virus? A quick internet search reveals dozens of pandemics over hundreds of years.

Look at humanity and the rate of change we see in...

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