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Reon is a team of experts with years of leadership experience in business and nonprofits. We've helped organizations with fundraising, financial services project management, eLearning, IT Administration and much more.

Our specialty? Short-term projects with measurable objectives.

Our goal? To maximize our value to your organization.

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Executive Coaching

Leaders are Athletes. Every Athlete needs a Coach.

Leadership Integration

A Leadership Team is as good as its level of integration.

Project Management

You have a full time job. Trust us to lead your most important projects.

About André

André is a proven leader of people, processes and projects with experience in diverse levels of leadership, administration and consulting with large and small companies and nonprofit organizations. He has  worked with Boards of Directors, CEOs, front-line employees, offshore developers and Fortune 100 executives.

He is known for ability to perceive, comprehend then simplify complex ideas and deliver them to a diverse audience in a concise and understandable way.

Whether you need help in strategic planning or the operational execution of strategy, André can help.

André lives in Chattanooga, TN with his high school sweetheart, Angela and their two kids.


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